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If you are looking for a lawyer, you are probably dealing with a difficult situation. You could be facing criminal charges, a divorce or other family law issue. You are probably experiencing stress and anxiety, perhaps even feeling a little like your life is over.

My job as a family law attorney is to help people like you through your difficult legal troubles, to help you find a new life and a new beginning. From my Spokane, Washington area office, I can help you fight to get your life back. Contact me today.

Washington Attorney Born to Fight for You — Criminal Defense, Elder Abuse, Divorce and Family Law

I wanted to become an attorney since I was eight years old. In my family growing up, we considered the legal profession something special. Attorneys did the right thing and never got pushed around. But most importantly, lawyers were people who made sure others didn't get pushed around; lawyers were people who made sure no one took advantage of their clients.

Whether you are dealing with family law or criminal law issues, I can be there to help you.

Family Law

I can serve you in a variety of family law matters, including:

You are not alone. I will fight for you throughout the divorce process and defend your interests against your ex-spouse's attorney.

Criminal Defense

I can represent you in many criminal matters, including:

You are not alone. I will be there every step of the way to help protect you from the powerful prosecutor's office.

Colville Divorce Lawyer — Compassionate. Aggressive. Effective.

I will take the time to understand your story thoroughly. And once I understand your story, I will fight aggressively and effectively on your behalf. I am not afraid to go to battle to defend you in the legal process.

I also pride myself on honest representation for my clients. Unlike some lawyers, I never mince words, and I never take a case I don't think I can win just to line my pocketbook.

I am conveniently located near the north side in Spokane, Washington, with free parking. I can meet with you evenings and weekends by appointment. Contact me today.

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